Adopted? Have your 23 & Me ancestry already? Intermittent fasting  not working? Want to know how to prevent disease?

Have you spent so many hours wondering about what what your future health holds?  Have you wished you had a “genetic blueprint” but thought you would never know? 

You watch other people observe their parents to determine much of their future health and you’re left wondering...

We now know through scientific discovery that our genetics holds the possibility of our future, however it is our lifestyle choices that actually DETERMINES OUR FUTURE. Epigenetics is more powerful than genetics, however if we don’t know the path NOT to go down, we don’t know the path to surely choose!

Have You?...

  • Wanted to know what deficiencies you are prone to? 
  • Desired to discover the style of eating that is most beneficial to you and your genetic code? 
  • Wondered if you could benefit from eating salt or is it dangerous to you?

Have You?...

  • Wondered about your MTHFR variance and how that may really affect your ability to heal, to recover, to detox, and to balance emotionally?
  • Wondered if you were more prone to lactose intolerance?
  • Heard that some people have a genetic privilege to longevity, and you have wondered if you are one of them?

Science & Research come together to assist you & your hunger for this knowledge.

Schedule with us today if you are interested in knowing truly what you need to do supplement wise and nutritionally to prevent many disease processes that would hamper your future happiness and productivity.

You deserve to know the answers! 

You deserve to have the “owner’s manual” to your body! This body of yours is your “maserati” --- learn how to fuel it and steer it.

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We will analyze your genetic raw data for approximately 4 hours and create a custom blueprint of data for you to to be empowered in preventing disease processes. We will also recommend specific dietary regimes, supplementation recommendations and fitness style specific to your genetics.

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